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Turn any rusted or rounded fastener with Bolt Biter 



Bolt Biter is the revolutionary new extraction socket system from GEARWRENCH. We talked with auto mechanics and industrial techs to learn what they hated about existing extraction sockets. Bolt Biter redefines extraction and solves all of their frustrations – here’s how.

Bolt Biter grips rusted or rounded fasteners instead of cutting into them, which means that these sockets last 10 times longer than the competition when used with an impact gun. That’s why they carry a lifetime warranty; we built Bolt Biter to match the strength of our traditional impact sockets. Bolt Biter has a bi-directional design that can tighten or re-use a damaged fastener just as well as it can remove it, making it perfect for specialised components. But durability and re-use are just the start. This improved design also seats easily onto the fastener, so you don’t have to swing a mallet under the hood. Fasteners don’t get jammed in the socket – unlike old-school extraction sockets. Bolt Biter even fits a wider range of fasteners, with “minus-size” sockets designed to fit onto fasteners worn down past their original size. Forge Ahead with Bolt Biter, the innovative leader in extraction.  

GEARWRENCH. Forge Ahead.